Being a Board member is not an easy gig. It’s a volunteer duty. It’s an important role. For people not using it as a stepping stone (up or down) from a political career it means a lot of work. And most Board members do very good work.

Some Board members don’t want to read about the issues. A few Board members want to make a crisis all about them. Not about the hard work and careers of hundreds of educators. Not about using available resources to ensure a quality education delivered by trained professionals to thousands of students. A few Board members want to take any opportunity to bellow online, trumpet their ignorance on camera and on the radio (often with more highly-skilled blowhards) and make a crisis all about them in a demand for attention and to shore up a rickety political career.

A few like to cover themselves in Attention Sauce and try to make us all watch. Ick.

For these few Board members — instead of dialing it in, how about paying attention to the issues? How about paying attention to the classrooms? How about understanding the demographics and lives of students in your community? How about not openly disrespecting educators and students to their faces and on camera during your Board meetings?

Bruce McCain

One of these few Board members: Bruce McCain.

A few Board members like McCain act like they’ve been jilted at some point and other people unrelated to their hurt feelings must pay the price.

Is it that Bruce McCain once represented notorious gay-bashing hate group the Oregon Citizens Alliance, a group now all but dissolved, leaving a trail of scandal?

Is it that Bruce McCain lost a political race in 2006 to Jeff Merkley?

Is it that Bruce McCain has found something new to do other than attack a person he lost an election to, after the election?

Is it that Bruce McCain lost his hoped-for union endorsement in his race in 2010?

Some Board members thrive on negative attention. It disturbs them when they are ignored. While this blog is obscure, we wonder how long it will take before he reads this post. If someone will find the link and pass it along to him, or if Bruce McCain will find it during a several-times a week (perhaps several times a day) vanity Google search.

Spend more time with educators, Bruce McCain. Spend more time with students and understand the job you’re elected to do better. Your community deserves it. You may even get elected to something else some day.