Theresa Delaney-Davis

Theresa Delaney-Davis, President of the Reynolds school board, regularly claims to be a solid union supporter. At various school board meetings over the past year she has said that she is the strongest union supporter on the Reynolds board.

It’s a pose.

Unfortunately, the real Delaney-Davis unveils herself in the parking lot after school board meetings.

She has been overheard yelling at Reynolds Education Association (REA) union leaders, jabbing a cigarette into their chests, threatening to have their licenses revoked by the State or otherwise terminated for advocating on behalf of REA members (which is exactly what they’re elected to do).

Maybe she turned her memo upside down, missing that it’s union members who are rumored to act like thugs, not school board members.

Even at a recent celebration for graduates from a trades training program, she told attendees that elected REA leadership does not represent its members.

These are not the deeds of a pro-union Board President. Or, maybe Delaney-Davis is a 2012 union trailblazer: preach from the pulpit, but sin in the dark rooms.

Delaney-Davis proclaims at various Democratic party functions she hopes REA goes on strike. Is teacher and labor-bashing a good position for a Democrat? And she WANTS a strike? How about wanting a reasonable bargaining process instead?

Delaney-Davis thinks a statewide strike of educators can wake up Salem to the plight of education funding. Awkward for her at a time when her own school board has a 20% fund carryover. School boards are advised by their state school board group to strive for a fund carryover of 6-8%. She’s holding on to funds that could go to classrooms, to restore services for students who need them.

NOPE! Why fund those things? Strive and bellow for a strike instead!

Preacher Theresa seems willing to proselytize her anti-union spiel anywhere and everywhere.

Clif Davis & Theresa Delaney-Davis

TOO-CRAZY-TO-BE-TRUE (yet is): Delaney-Davis is married to progressive trade unionist Clif Davis, Business Manager for IBEW Local 48. Does Theresa Delaney-Davis’ anti-union public proclamations lead to tense conversations at home as she pushes REA to strike while her husband battles aggressive employers who act just like his wife?

How awkward will it be once the Oregon AFL-CIO comes out in support of the Reynolds teachers? With Clif as a shining leader within the Oregon AFL-CIO, how can he explain Theresa forcing, wanting nearly 600 teachers out on strike?

For Delaney-Davis, forcing a teachers union out on strike is the 2012 version of union support. Boasting about wanting strikes, attacking teachers, menacing people in parking lots are forms of support the community can do without.

Focus on what people are telling you, Delaney-Davis, try to listen to the union workers, work for a reasonable contract and stop the posturing and union-bashing.

BONUS: Here’s a clip of Delaney-Davis in action, openly chiding teacher Evan Selby during a school board meeting for giving a charming, impassioned, informative statement in the form of human beatboxing (ask you kids if you don’t know). Someone order her a copy of a Justin Timberlake album right away!