If you are an Oregon public employee, once sent an email to an Oregon public entity, even sneezed or blinked near a public library then you were probably among the 475,447 surprised souls that state Representative Dennis Richardson (R- Central Point) felt compelled to email this weekend in a fact-challenged, teacher-bashing email about striking Eagle Point educators in a legislative district far from his own.

It brought the State email servers down for two hours, slowed State websites and streaming legislative hearings to a crawl.

What was so gosh darned important for Richardson to share that he formed a one-man Occupy the Internet movement? Wisdom, folks. Like the people in the streets challenging the 1%, he just had to tell truth to power, yo. ‘Cause who’s controlling the state? Those darned teachers, duh!

He told the Salem Statesman-Journal: “I knew it was a big issue. Who will take on the teachers’ unions? Some people just don’t want to know the truth, or just don’t want to deal with it.” Thug life, represent, Richardson!

Anyone who works in schools knows that the true ills of society are those teachers who run everything! Who decided to fund the state’s own Quality Education Model (QEM) at only a 65% level? Teachers. We’d never suspect them, though, with their diminishing benefits, hours extending into evenings and the weekends because their classrooms are overcrowded. Oh, and let’s not forget losing earning power against the cost of living, and constantly paying out of their own pockets to keep their classrooms running. Only Dennis Richardson and those blessed with such penetrating perceptions see this truth!

No one would ever suspect people dedicated to a job they love, working themselves to near exhaustion for the students and purpose of public education,were secretly in control of all of their underfunded circumstances. That’s a genius plan!

It’s not as if Oregon legislators like Rep. Richardson have any control over the level of taxation in our state and the decades-long trend shifting the tax burdens onto the middle class and away from the wealthy and corporations. Other than setting the level of taxation and funding in the state.

No, no, no. It’s the job of elected state leaders like Richardson to slow down the normal functions of things, make the system FEEL the discomfort, man. Is Dennis Richardson a student of Saul Alinsky?

Rising stars in the Occupy movement like Dennis Richardson should be saluted as heroes. How DARE teachers ask for better! Haven’t all major social changes happened from people asking politely for things? Like separation from England? Giving women the vote? The civil rights movement? A 40-hour workweek? Weekends? Non-lethal work environments? An end to child labor laws? Work benefits? Just ask nicely, people, and things will be granted to you without needing to get all uppity or ask questions!

If you have questions for Rep. Dennis Richardson, email him at: Rep.DennisRichardson@state.or.us

You can also call Richardson (unless he’s engaged in a new Occupy the Phones movement in the Capitol): 503-986-1404.