Portland Public Schools couldn’t wait to declare impasse, and did so today. Our post from mid-September still holds: still no one on the district board is bargaining. The superintendent is far from the bargaining crisis. The H.R. Director far from the bargaining crisis. Growing word is that Yvonne Deckard continues to advise the district to escalate as soon as possible at every stage.

Yvonne Deckard [paraphrasing theoretical statement]: “Hey, guys. We can be legendary! An anonymous tea bagger has been commenting online that the district should shitcan all the teachers. We’re winning the internet, people!”

With the Medford school district also eager to escalate against its employees, along with Woodburn, this should make for an interesting winter.


A bargaining press conference today with Board Chair Greg Belisle, HR Director Sean Murray, and Superintendent Carole Smith, none of whom have attended bargaining. Of the four others visible, two are fellow Board members. Media success!