Another thought about the scare tactic/scab-fishing memo Gresham-Barlow and Parkrose districts sent far and wide.

Randy Bryant

Gresham-Barlow Director of Human Resources Randy Bryant sought to encourage teachers to cross the picket line. Bryant also threatened teachers who choose to invoke their right to strike: “Teachers who work during the strike will not be in danger of jeopardizing their license or their employment status with the District.” Classic fear-mongering.

Well, Randy, teachers who act ethically and choose to stand with their colleagues against the power-grab by your boss Jim Schlachter also will not be in danger of losing their licenses. But you probably knew that. You just wanted to press a fear button and try to break a teachers union. But your clumsy letter is making educators laugh across many districts.

Teachers who choose to invoke their statutory right to strike will not endanger their employment status.  After great deliberation, teachers have decided to defend themselves and quality instruction against a strategy hatched among many districts to concoct a perceived emergency and use it as an excuse to go after teachers’ rights to have a say in their work schedule, preparation time for quality student instruction, and their personal and student safety in the classroom. Asking trained educators what is needed for educational instruction sure is pesky, isn’t it? Better to try to scare them rather than talk with them about their expertise, or find out what students need, or engage the public during public meetings. Or as your bosses say: “meetings in public, but not public meetings.”

It is a shame Gresham-Barlow administration has hired an outside Strike Coordinator, and that Randy Bryant is being forced to carry the water for Jim Schlachter and a few misguided voices on the School Board.  Teachers and the community see through the threats. Somebody needs to take a stand for sanity before Schlachter drives the District off a cliff.