As if identical attacks on teacher contracts (and yelling the same things at the public) weren’t enough of a clue Gresham-Barlow, Parkrose, and Reynolds school boards and superintendents have been coordinating their efforts for months, here’s a joint memo from Parkrose & Gresham-Barlow districts looking for scabs to work as babysitters in the event of a teacher strike against them (click to zoom):

Substitutes are CRITICAL to keeping schools running under normal circumstances. Many educator careers flow from substitute to full-time to part-time gigs.

But most substitutes also understand that good working conditions and learning environments for students come from the hard work teachers have put in to establish and protect fair contracts. Hard work it’s especially important to respect when teacher union members go out on strike to fight for them against the districts attacking them.

And many substitute educators also belong to unions!

We bet these colluding districts will have to stretch very far and very deep into dark places to find certified educators willing to work as scabs. Ethical educators rely on trust and interpersonal relationships and know enough to say no. Ethical educators set their eyes on the long term.